Nov 3, 2012
buckhorn ontario
last night at supper my wife, helen, started choking. it's a good thing i'm about twice her size, as almost immediately she lost all strength and seemed to go into shock. i manhandled her up and did the heimlich, it took about 4-5 attempts. it was at least an hour until she stopped hacking and coughing and things were back to normal. it really would have ruined the nascar budweiser duel for me !!! many years ago i had to do the same thing with a buddy.
Awesome Doug! -- Good for you.
Coming from Emergency Services we had courses every year on that procedure as well as basic first aid and CPR --

These days it's available thru different local organizations in one's community and is strongly recommended. Also available thru many workplaces. Sign up for sure.

It sounds like you've taken the course and good thing you did Doug.

Basic Life support procedures may be needed anytime, anywhere, and really isn't that difficult to learn.

As has been said: the first few minutes of airway blockage is very critical to effect recovery, and waiting for the ambulance would probably mean death.

The greatest achievement and feeling in the world is to save someone ......

The worst feeling in the world is feeling useless and not knowing what to do.

If you've not already done so, get out there folks and learn this stuff.
You'll be so glad you did.:D

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