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Feb 8, 2009
Greg in Toronto/Gtown
1999 C5 Z51
Well I finally decided to do some more mods on the CTS-V while the vette is
parked away for the winter in the garage.

I scored a brand new set of Nitto NT555 Extreme Tires 245/45/18's for the front
and 275/40/18's for the rears mounted on a GM accessory polished rim set for
only $1300 US plus shipping :D

Also picked up a set of H&R springs for a inch or so drop to get rid of the wheel
gap we all hate so much along with some rear shock spacers and Z06 end links.

Adding a set of clear corners and doing the orange to clear foglight mod to give
her that nice clean look.

Hope to have everything installed by Manny soon when the weather is a little
bit nicer outside and post up a few more pics.

Next mods: Full headers, Tune, Gforce Axles (Wheel Hop), BMR Diff brace.

H&R Springs


Z06 Endlinks

Nitto NT555 Extreme 245/45/18's & 275/40/18's


Foglight & Clear Corner mod

Foglight mod
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I know they where a steal, the guy wanted to move them on Fleebay in Jan with no hits so I offered him $1300 and he took it so I
moved fast before he changed his mind!
They where not hot or anything as he is a stand-up guy and an actual bank manager in the US, I verified that one and he has a V
but put on a different set of rims & tires.
I was bit of a hassle with customs as they had to Xray and dog sniff them as the tires where mounted and shipped on the rims so
they got red flagged, but they made it to Canada eventually. Had to pay around $250 for shipping via UPS and my company account.
They are band new tires still with those little rubber toots on the sides still and he added new tire pressure sensors...SCORE!!

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