I hope it brought some happiness to you on this special day.

If if hasn't, I sure didn't mean to touch a nerve. I know how emotional we can be with our beloved furry friends and how important they are to us.

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Colin, this couldn't be more true. Each day when we get home, who is the first one to the door with endless kisses, our little Lilly. Loved the video and so did the family.
DELCO is our dog.......... 11 years old and going strong. A good buddy.
We had him in last month for a small issue and some dental work..
$3K !!! More work scheduled for Jan/Feb.. $2K+...!!
We can't do enough for our pets.
I think we all sacrifice a lot to help our babies.......It's the least we can do for all their loyalty and love.

Good luck with Delco, Graham.....I too have one (Sid - my cocker spaniel) who's about 11 but still going strong and seems quite happy.

It sucks, doesn't it SB? That is the reason why my dad never wants/wanted to get a dog, he just finds it too hard to lose them. However, my thoughts are that as much as it sucked losing my boy, I wouldn't give up the fun 3 years I had with him for a few difficult weeks.

Good luck with your vet Graham! Vet bills always scared me so I actually had my dog on pet insurance.....oddly enough, I never had to use it except for the last day but it was some nice piece of mind. Especially with Danes as I've heard horror stories about how everything costs twice as much! :eek:

Thanks Colin! I can't wait!!!! Not sure if I'll go with a puppy or another rescue.
I just can't stand it without a buddy or 2 to come home to. I"ve had them so long I'm lost without.

Only cure for me is another rescue.....but yeah -- when you lose one you think "oh God, not again".
You soon bounce back with another tho. thankfully.

Good luck folks.

Two kinds of bills worth paying:
Vet bills and 'Vette bills !!!!

I can subscribe to that Graham -- Good one.

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