Nov 14, 2011
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1988 Convertable
Once again this year the Corvettes of Southern Ontario will be holding their annual Festival Car Show in Lynwood Park Simcoe. This years event will be held on Sunday August 4th 2013 of the civic holiday weekend. This event is open to all classes of classic and unique automobiles. This is also a Quad C event (Non - Judged) so it is not uncommon to have a good turnout of Corvettes of all years. This event is also tied in with the towns Festival, so the ladies will have lots to look at around the various shops/crafts. $15 a car, lots of prizes and of course the usual 50/50 draw. This years winner of the draw will have his half of the collection delivered to him/her in a wood model of a 28 Chevy pick-up, built by yours truly.


For a PDF Flyer of the event you can click here:

For a Google map and GPS coordinates go to our web site events page:

CoSO Events

Just one more thing: Caution: Anyone coming to our Simcoe Festival Car Show from the west : please be advised of road construction on Hwy#3 between Delhi and Simcoe.
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Hey guys.

Thinking about coming down to this show this year, but I wanted to make it a cruise event for anyone coming with me.

Well I found out a few street closures for road construction so I've had to change my route. Going to take a more direct route there. Hwy 403 to Hwy 24 and then south. Should get there around 10am or so I'm thinking.

See you there.

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The streets coming through Cambridge and Parris will slow you down a bit. Cambridge is hassle to drive in. Paris is not too bad. The rest of the route would work well for you. Nice drive actually. Yes..I think it would be a good cruise.
Then I'm committing to a Sunday Show and Shine.

Meet up at Timmies on Dixon just west of the 401 for 8AM (so be there beforehand), 2nd meetup at Timmies on Winston Churchill south of the QEW (behind the Petro Canada. Timmies can be hard to see from WC) at 8:45AM and then we cruise.

It's roughly a 2 hour drive there and 2 hours back from 401 & Dixon.

You can text me on my cell at 416 450 7214 or email at [email protected]


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I should be rolling into the show at around 10am if everything goes ok !!!

Heads up
#3 from Delhi to Simcoe is closed
My brother and I went to Simcoe. Got there around 10am. He's in the K.I.T.T. Trans Am.


Met up with Sandy, Casey and Dave and a few others from the Wasaga Club, Wilf, and Brian with the yellow C4 vert, and when I was leaving at 1pm, I met Dan aka dankhts.

Lots of corvettes and other muscle cars including a bright orange Chevy Van that's right out of the 70's and what must have been a Million Dollar One Off Original Carrol Shelby Cobra Racer. Great location too. Nice park next to the river. Cars were still coming in as we left.

For anyone interested, here are my pics.

08-04-2013_Simcoe Slideshow by Zeeman28a | Photobucket

Great meet Brian -- well organized, terrific venue, and extremely well attended. Talked to so many nice people from all over driving all kinds of cars of all shapes and sizes but all had the same thing in common: Man were they loved and were the owners every proud of them. Proceeds to the Food bank so a wonderful cause too....I was involved with our local food bank when active in the Fire Service and know how important that is.

Terry and I cruised down about 1pm in time to meet some familiar faces including SMRSLD - Dave - Pres. of Wasaga Beach Corvette Club, Zeeman28, Brian from Caledonia, John Izydorczyk with his gorgeous '95 C4 Polo Green vert, yeah you bet I got his car pictured -- didn't see him but got his car -- thanks John -- the pics will help tide me over until I get my '94 from BC.:D, Bruce with the Cyber Gray GS.....(can't find your handle -- forgot it), Jane Brian's wife -- so glad to hear that your sister is doing much better thank God -- and many many more -- pardon if I forgot someone I shouldn't -- there were so many and I could stay only a couple hours. I spent a lot of time taking pics some of which I'll share and title -- If you want more just holler and I'll post up...
Everys single one I took was just beautiful. I've not seen so many great rides in one place. I could have spent days there talking and taking pics.

A very special event and a very enjoyable one.

Here's some of the pics:

A monster truck -- with monster tires and monster duelies on the back.

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