I bought a sideskirt package and will probably install it this Spring. I was contemplating molding the fiberglass in so that there are no seams like my front end.

Vette now...



Pic of some other Dudes Vette with sides molded in...


I like how clean it looks with the skirts molded in, but as I do not know how much C3's flex, I would be scared of cracks appearing after a while if the bodies do flex excessively. Or, having to replace them if damage occurs, I imagine that it would be a pain in the pooper to fix. That's right, I said pain. But, if we all worried about what might happen, we would never leave our houses. Nice pictures btw.
I don't like skirts on C3's. They are just fine without any. But it's your car, have fun...

4x4 has been done.

I think you should blend the skirts in if you are going to put them on.

Don't laugh. There is an AWD Vette floating around that I'm sure a few of you have seen that is a mixture between a Typhoon and a 79 Vette. Apparently it ran 9.18 in the quarter.


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