I bought a sideskirt package and will probably install it this Spring. I was contemplating molding the fiberglass in so that there are no seams like my front end.

Vette now...



Pic of some other Dudes Vette with sides molded in...


I like how clean it looks with the skirts molded in, but as I do not know how much C3's flex, I would be scared of cracks appearing after a while if the bodies do flex excessively. Or, having to replace them if damage occurs, I imagine that it would be a pain in the pooper to fix. That's right, I said pain. But, if we all worried about what might happen, we would never leave our houses. Nice pictures btw.
Don't laugh. There is an AWD Vette floating around that I'm sure a few of you have seen that is a mixture between a Typhoon and a 79 Vette. Apparently it ran 9.18 in the quarter.


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