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May 29, 2012
Coquitlam, B.C.
2005 Convertible
I been to a few show and shines and they all have different catagories. I personally like C1 throught C6 with C4,5 & 6 being divided into coupes and convertibles. I also like the idea of a seperate catagory for C5 and 6's with less than 10,000 k. Another idea I saw was best engine, best paint job and best wheels. What do you feel is best?
Yes modded car should be separate.
And Terry is right, it really depends on how many cars are going to be there.
I think that Quad C east has it about right, See the link to Quad C Street show and shine rules. This is in PDF format so a reader is required. Just skip through the Concour prepared........we are interested in " Street Show and Shine " as we drive our corvettes.

http://www.wasagabeachcorvetteclub....t & Concours Prepared Guide - 2011-02-05.pdf
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I think every show is different. Bish nailed it on the head with the most friends comment.:D

I personally don't like A category for C5 & C6's with less than 10,000 Kms. To me thats called a new car showroom, Garage queen or trailer princess.
you should be penalized for not driving these fantastic driving machines.

You just never know at these events. Every judge looks for something a little different than the next judge.

I'd rather drive it than show it. Each stone chip or little blemish has a driving memory.:canada:
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