Mar 20, 2011
So I recently needed new brakes for my C5 Corvette. I had warped front rotors and pads didn't have much material left. I made the drive from Niagara to Dasilva Motorsports. Unfortunately I was on a tight budget(damn college tuition). Manny hooked me up with an insane deal on new Napa Premium pads and a set of used C6 rotors, which is greatly appreciated. It was such a good deal I can't even post it :D . So the least I can do is post a review. Installation was done by me. Now the car stops like new again and no more vibrations under braking.:coolgleam: Dasilva Motorsports should be your first choice, but we all know that! Thanks again Manny!

Brakes are done, oil changed, clutch fluid and brake fluid flushed. Ready for another season of cruising. :)

(Pic 1)Rotors cleaned up and ready for install.
(Pic 2) Installed and burnished.


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