What I've been reading is that the old CI-4 Rotella T was good but to stay away from the new CJ-4 Rotella T as it no longer has the correct level of ZDDP that we need. Same with SL and SM SPI ratings; don't use them.
I heard it had been discontinued for the same reasons...too much ZDDP.
a jug of rotella t with a bottle of e.o.s. will provide zddp content in the range of 1600 - 1800 ppm. this is what i use in my diesel tractor. because my car is never run in 32f conditions what i use in it is kohler magnum sae 30 small engine oil. the kohler oil is api rated at sj which is 1200 ppm zddp. along with the e.o.s. it also boosts to 1600 - 1800. the properties of this oil for automotive use are very good. think about the harsh conditions an air cooled small engine operates under. always under load at full rpm, splash as opposed to pressurized oiling, air cooling in high ambient temperature under full load. it is readily available to me but if that should ever change i will use rotella t. 1200 ppm of zddp is generally considered to be the minimum acceptable for flat tappet use and probably double that amount to break in a new cam.
some more figures. a 12 oz bottle of e.o.s. dilutes in 5 lt of oil at 11-1. this translates into 620 ppm of zinc and 565 ppm phosphorus. so oil that has a zinc content of 1200 ppm is now 1820 ppm. because delco e.o.s. is an assembly lube you are also adding a small amount of molybdenum to your engine oil which is also quite beneficial to bearings and wrist pins.
Thanks, I'll have to get some EOS for when I start my 73 again. next decision is whether or not to build the Tuned Port I have from an 87 IROC and run it in the 73
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