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Mar 29, 2014
So its finally official!

GM Canada released a service bulletin today which confirms that the 2015 Z51's and Z06's will be entitled to 5 free Lube Oil Filter changes.

The first oil changes is to be immediately after the break-in period of 800KM.

The remaining 4 oil changes are to be used over 2 years or 40000KM whichever comes first.

At Gateway we offer 4 additional LOF services for customer who buy their C7's at our dealership as well as maintain them here. So a total of 9 LOF changes free over 4 years.
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Hi carbuff.

Thanks for the comment.

Actually the "old" info was regarding the 2014 C7 Z51's getting the extra LOF.

This service bulletin released today extends the extra oil change to the 2015 C7 Z51's and the Z06's as well. There were no Z06's in 2014.
non Z51s are not covered then eh?
since the engines are the same, the extra oil change is because of the dry sump stuff I assume?
This is REALLY old info that came out at the start of 2015.,,,

Hope your dealership has not been charging customers for this, and supplying free Mobil 1 also....

Even before the original bulletin for the 2014 Z51s Gateway told me when ever I wanted to do an oil change that I could, which I did around 2,000 km. And of course they only used Mobil 1 at no extra charge.
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