Since our Rocky to Cochrane cruise was such a blast we should plan another for September. the 14th or 21st weekends? Starting where and going where? Let's get some input and get a concensus going so we can all plan for another memorable weekend.

Vince suggested a Jasper cruise. Where should we start this time?


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Banff / Jasper in the fall is beautiful!!

The loop from Rocky, Nordegg to Jasper via #93 is good coming back Drayton, Sunchild, Rocky. Will most likely do that around the 14th myself and wife (and anyone that wants to join) but would also be interested in anything else we are able to get as a consensus on, before or after that date. Possible to get better rates on hotels for those that wish to stay for the evening and join us for a "dine around". May get some fall colors by then. Could also do #93 both ways as everything looks different coming back. A loop like that could have folks joining in at any part of cruise and carrying on home. Southern folks could meet in Rocky, do the north part and upon return just stay on south 93 carrying on to Calgary area.
Just saying.
Need more people to chime in. I'm good with Sept. 14.
Rob, Jeff, Don, anyone else??

Come on everyone, another great trip through the Icefields Parkway!
I could attend on the 21 working on the 14, the 7 would also work
would it be possible to meet in Hinton and cruise to Jasper area then down to Rocky or Canmore.
Just throwing it out there
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I would be game from driving to Hinton on the Friday, then heading out Saturday from there. As yuo can see, i'm easy! :eek:OOPS, did I just say that?? Damn now the secret's out!
You guys plan the weekend and I will see if anyone from here can go. I might see Greg this weekend and will ask if he wants to do the next cruise ( with me shotgun ).

My buddy Keith with the 2008 Z06.... his weekends depend on work - he was jealous that he never went on the last one.
I kind of had the same plan. Spend Friday night on Hilton head out Saturday morning and go south.
I looked at the long term forecast
Sept 7 high 18
Sept 14 high 14 can not attend working
Sept 21 high 12
I would probably continue on to Calgary and do some visiting before returning home
OK let me try to explain what I found out, I cannnot type so please bear with me (going to the mountains eh)

1. rates change at the end of september example marmot lodge in jasper is 224 and 237 for a king or two queens in sept but October 5th they drop to 152 and 156 and better availability (with AMA discount)

2. pocahontas cabins same thing just outside jasper October 5th 169 and less for pioneer cabin but in september they are 228 or more,

there was a nice steak house on the north side of jasper mayber Karzo steakhouse or villas ca Rosseau (sp)

does not matter when we go but the rates can make you look like a (rock) star with the spouse by spending money on food or drink, ot maybe even a Jasper trinket or two.

we would prefer later in september as the availability or rooms increases,

would prefer to start at rocky mountain house (then maybe get some from calgary as this seems central)

if we decided to say in jasper for the night then we could go around to hiway 22 by drayton valley (and I am home) and back to rocky or calgary that way.

even if we stayed in jasper and started through hinton at noon saturday same thing then home through rocky after stopping at the glacier for pictures,

so in sum


links for you


Check Availability - Fairmont Hotels & Resorts - Fairmont

does not matter as it would be nice to meet up with old friends (mmmmm I have only met them once so I am saying they are old mmmmmmmm get myself into trouble here)

just will follow this thread for the agenda at some point, may not have added anything but it is a start

My 2 cents

If anyone plans to do video leaving from Rocky is probably better. you would have the sun behind the cars on most of the trip ( and also everyone just viewing the scenery on the drive ) ... better then driving into the sun heading southeast from Jasper. Pictures you can adjust the camera facing the cars.... videos you kinda can't. Not that video's are a must... but just thought i would point that out. Paul liked my Hero 3 black camera and he thought of getting one... not sure if he did buy one.

You guys pick a date and a route and I will see if one of the other guys here in Edm wants to do the cruise and maybe i can join them. Or I can drive my Malibu with camera's on the front and back and take video! :)

I am also hoping for some 25 degree temps in Sept to maybe try out my new jet ski once it arrives.

Hey Jeff. who you calling old? Haha! Giongt obe fun meeting up with everyone again. Rates do drop in late September as do the Temps. I would like to be able to cruise without the chance of S^&%. I did not say that, just saying early is better then if we get a chance we can go later AGAIN!! Ok I'm hooked.

So Options are September 7 and September 14. Post your fave and I will begin the descision process in ernest!!

I actually don't know Ernest and don't want too.........
Ok here we go..........

September 7th, 2013 Central West Alberta Cruise!
Stay over in hinton September 6.
Leave Hinton Sept 7 head west to Jasper
Head South to Saskatchewan Crossing.
Some people head south some east from here.


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Right on! Checking with the guys around Rocky to see who is up for it! Jeff, rooms here in Rocyk range in price from $115 to $150 per night. Better restaurants then Cochrane too!
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