Hey everyone, I've been wrapped up in deck and hot tub installation this last month. Sweated off a bunch of weight! I have the September 13 14 weekend open and although the weather looks crappy now we can tentatively plan a cruise for Sat or Sun or BOTH.

Would be a great end to a great summer. So let's see who would be in.


Meet at south side A&W in Red Deer at 9:00am

Leave at 9:15 and head west on Hwy 11 to Rocky Mountain House.

10:30 Stop in at Timmies and meet more Vettes from Area.

11:00 am head west on Hwy 11 to Nordegg/ Saskatchewan Crossing for Late lunch then head back and take the Sunchild Road north to Brazeau Damn. This ties into Hwy 620 and brings us into Drayton Valley.

Back to Red Deer is about 1.6 hours, Edmonton 1.3 and Jeffer2013 is 20 minutes!


Bearly Flying


Garth (Rocky)

Don (Rocky)

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You keep talking Brian, I hear you. So how long can you hold out? Haha. Checked the forecast mainly sunny and a high of 16 for Red Deer. Saskatchewan Crossing high of 15 and sunny. Great day for a cruise! Here's a teaser pic of scenery from last year.....
We definitely need more cars and people this year! The road won't be quite as busy either as the summer season is over.
I will have to see if I can make arrangements to get my boy to his football game. At any rate I will definately be there in the morning and meet you guys and hopefully go for a bit of a cruise. I am looking forward to putting a face to your names. Thanks for the invite
Super James,look forward to it! Now where are the guys from Blackfalds and Ponoka? Jeffer2013 you game? What about scaryfast from Ft. McMurray?
Might be able to meet in the mountains on Sunday--I will be coming back from Kimberley. Let's see what the final outcome is, but reading this thread with interest for the moment!

Nice teaser pic! We are blessed with some amazing scenery in Canada, but the rugged mountains really do it for me more than anything.
Guess I need more pics!

Jasper trip September last year. RockyPM, Jeffer2013 and ScaryFast

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Well the weather does not look good for this week. It still shows a decent weekend with a high of 20 on Sunday. Cross the fingers!

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SO the temps have slipped a bit for the weekend but it still looks nice. I would like to have some confirmations from people to see if maybe we just cancel this year and try again in the spring of (gulp) 2015...........
So Who is a go for meeting up Saturday morning and driving to Saskatchewan Crossing and then maybe heading back east up the Sunchild Road to the Brazeau Dam then north through Cynthia to Highway 16?
I am trying to make the day happen..... should know by Friday mid day.

Jeffer... you going??? this event can't happen without you!!! :)

I have a surprise in the works...... you guys don't want to miss it if it happens!

will ask robin right away just saw this thread, computor problems,

down to see if the dishes are finished before I ask,

also I called the hotels in edson and hinton and they may be all booked up for a turnaround in each town when I called 3 weeks ago,

where might we stay so I can see if any rooms around for as much as I like Brian and Rocky I sure as heck do not want to sleep 3 in a vette again

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