Aug 23, 2010
Southcentral Ontario
1967 BBC coupe
See anything odd about this ad, besides the price?


Don't get your panties in a twist. It's a very old ad. :D
What's with the aluminum bolts on wheels. Are they talking about the wheels, studs, the nuts or what. A lot of people wouldn't know a bolt from a stud from a nut. Might be the case here. I'm certainly no Corvette expert. The M22 would be one of 20 in 1967 and the heater defroster delete was rare too, making that one rare car in that sense.
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For the reason you mentioned, Keith, and several others, I believe the (long ago) seller not only knew little about Corvettes, but had no idea what he/she may have had. ;)

He/she heard someone talk about the '67 aluminum bolt-on wheels, and figured the rally wheels on that car must be them. They aren't. :D

But, there's plenty more to ponder in this ad.
The seller listed the following options for the car. I've placed the number sold in 1967 in brackets:

L-71 - 427/435 (3,754)
K-66 - transistorized ignition (5,759)
C-48 - heater/defroster delete (35)
J-56 - special heavy-duty brakes (267)
M-22 - heavy-duty 4-speed transmission (20)

Here's where (I think) it gets interesting. In the photo, the 3x2 intake is sitting on the ground beside the car. Why? Perhaps because it wouldn't fit under the hood. Huh? It's a big block hood. Why wouldn't the 3x2 intake and carbs fit under it? Well, maybe it's a "special" big block hood.....one of 20. ;)

The M-22 (rock crusher) 4-speed was available with only one engine in 1967. It could not be ordered with a L-71. The only engine option it was available on also required the ordering of J-56 special heavy-duty brakes, K-66 transistorized ignition and C-48 heater/defroster delete, all of which this car has. Hmmm. You'll note that the holes for heater/defroster controls are plugged on the dash. But, maybe he bought a M-22 and installed it. Huh? Huh?

Yeah, maybe he did. So why did he UN-install the 3x2 setup?

My Speculation: This ad is so old that little was known about the L-88 option at the time. The owner knew that 3x2 (from L-71 435 hp) was all the rage, and was the highest-rated engine option, whereas a big block with a single 4bbl wasn't as sexy. However, the block numbers were identical. Hmmmm. Why not grab a cheap 3x2 intake and toss it in to sweeten the deal? They were easy to obtain back then. However, due to the special cowl induction setup under the hood, he couldn't install it on the engine. Hmmmm. Just pose it on the ground beside the car for the photos and let the buyer figure it out. ;)

Something like (but not identical) to this...

Yeah, yeah, Mr. Smartypants, so how come there's a radio in that car? Huh? Huh? You couldn't get a radio with a L-88, after all.

Oh, that's easy. He went to a Chevy dealer and bought one. ;)

I think the car in the ad may have been one of the 20 1967 L-88s, and someone bought it for $10,000 or less....all those years ago. It's now worth at least a 100 times that, if it is a L-88.

Hey, but who knows. :D
Chances are more than good that you may just be right. I wonder if anyone has ever figured out what the car is if it is really an L88 car. A few years ago, a guy in the U.S. bought an '69 Z/28 Camaro. As they dug deeper into the histore of the car they eventually that it was a COPO car that someone had gone to great lengths to change into a Z/28. Perhaps the car still had the original COPO 4.10 rearend which is coded uniquely to these cars. Who knows, but you never know what you are going to run into.
I should call the Tel # in the add and see if it's available :D

Note :there will be a 55 barn find coming up in Maine in the next few months .20 plus years in climate control and it will be for sale .
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