Sorry Wayne..... I will not be able to make it. Will filming/producing a short video of the Mayor and his cohorts that day.
Rob, hope you have a good trip back out west. Will see ya next time your out this way.
As Doug said, sorry I didn't get down to the Coping event to meet you but I too am busy at home (though not to the extent of Doug!) this year and sticking to more local events. Have a safe trip home Rob. :)
Great to see everyone again -- Rob (Steamer), Wayne (FordPrefect), Tony & Kathy from Welland, Terry and I.
Always nice to meet up with our forum friends especially our buddy from BC -- Steamer...... Safe trip home Rob -- these 3 weeks seem to have flown by -- Hoping you can make it back again soon.

Well I'd like to thank each and everyone of you fine folks for a great send off. I'm safely back home after another great trip to Ontario. I can't believe that three weeks can go by that quickly but it has. Great to see everyone again and I look forward to doing it again sometime in the future.
Thanks everyone! Rob
Always a good time when you come to town Steamer -- Hope you get back this way again soon. I'll call sis and brother in law and say hi soon.

Don't forget pics of your Valley 'vette meet tonight.

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