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Feb 7, 2009
In case not everyone has heard, there is a GTG at Sherway this Saturday so bring the Vette out and have some fun. I think it will start around 10:30ish am. Just an informal gathering to say hello to one and all. The beast is ready to come out and mingle. Cheers all.

The annual Spring Sherway GTG was a complete washout yesterday due to a full day of Rain.
As I sit here typing this, it is Fu***ng snowing outside. Enough Already.:mad:
The GTG is set to go next Saturday Apr 23 rd.
Lets hope for better weather & lots of Vette's to show up.
Last year we had over 100 Vette's :canada:

The Z looks Awesome Mike. Love the wheels.
Thanks for the update on the date change Mark - I just couldn't bring myself to subject my Vette to that brutal weather yesterday, even knowing others might be there. I'm glad it's now next week - I'll be there (weather permitting). Looking forward to it!
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