Ya I was there just not in show, couldn't drag my butt outta bed before 10:30 that morning :p Got up and bro was out restoring the tips on my '76 with Blue Job (AMAZING stuff)
Riley and I will go and reserve our street that morning (and anyone else if they'd like to get up that early!)
are any saskatoonians be out tomorrow -if weather allows- at the A&W on 22nd?

There will be supposedly around 50 cars. Hopefully I cant get some Vette guys to go with..usually most of them are from the DRaggins Club
hey guys, tonight, well, I guess every couple of weeks a bunch of guysm, drop ins and members of the DRaggins club meet at the A&W restaurants around the city...
but maybe when they have it at the A&W @ Stonebridge in couple of weeks we can meet there too...nice environment
Cruise weekend

Sorry we haven't been out with our green 76 lately, crappy weather and a hectic spring and summer. We are looking forward to Cruise Weekend. Will we be at the same location as last year?
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