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Sep 21, 2014
2003 C5 vert
Who got what for their Vette??

Santa brought me a set of polished billet aluminum fluid caps for the engine bay. Cap ID's are laser etched and the quality is second to none.
This will give the engine bay quite a lift, Thanks Santa!

Keith, never miss an opportunity. Steamer and I will be over next week along with Ray to convert that C6 to steam power. A lump of coal is only the beginning.
Sound like a great plan Murray!! I've got a couple of spare boilers I can bring along and I also have a flash steam turbine here somewhere that we can squeeze under the hood too!!!! Probably do the quarter around 9 flat at 140 or so, what do you think?
Would love to see a before and after pic of those aluminum caps! I've often tight about biting on a set of those. They sure do seem nice to me. Congrats!
I'll see what I can do for you. Bling is always good so I expect quite a difference in looks. No chrome for me, must be stainless first and polished aluminum second.
You know your a ''Redneck"" when your favorite colour is.... ''Shiny''! lol

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