I've had both Rust Check and Krown Rustproofing over the years and have believed in it.
I'm not sure if there's enough metal on the 'vette to worry about rust but there must be at least some.

Be prepared for a little mess after the process due to dripping for a few days.

I swear by Krown. My last truck a '94 Sonoma was sold last year with no rust and original paint that was treated every year since new and driven every winter. I am currently driving a 98 Olds Eighty-Eight that was also Krowned and still rust-free.
Since these vehicles do not see winter driving and the outer body panels being fiberglass, I'm not sure there is enough benefit to warrant rust proofing.
Well, seeing how this was posted in the C3 section and it is a 74 that you have, a bit of Krown along the frame and in and around the bird cage would probably be beneficial to a driver car. C3's are notorious for rust in the bird cage; especially around the kick panels and lower windshield area. If it's a show car, yu may not want to do this due to the mess.
Anyone here ever get krown rust proving or any other types of rust protection on their corvettes. I have a 74 and I'm thinking of getting the krown proving any suggestions

We have a guy that comes in and does a great job with no drip , enviro friendly application .
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