Feb 1, 2013
Cambridge Ont
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I went to see the movie Rush the other day and thoroughly enjoyed it. It portrays the rivalry between Nicki Lauda and James Hunt leading up to Lauda's crash at the Nurbergring. Great action scenes and anybody who is a fan of motor racing will get a kick out of it. Nicki Lauda acted as a consultant to the movie and it was directed by Ron Howard so I assume it is pretty accurate.
Going to see it this afternoon, expectations are very high.

If anyone wants to know a bit more about James Hunt may I suggest "James Hunt, The Biography by Gerald Donaldson, forward by Murray Walker". Simply excellent.
Sounds like a movie to see. Not too often we get anything halfway decent for a racing movie from Hollywood.

I liked Hunt's quote at a GP when one of the Ferrari drivers, maybe Berger, was going to win for the 1st Ferrair win in a very long time and Hunt said that they would give him "the key to Rome" or something like that. Then under pressure from Prost Berger spun and Prost passed him and then Hunt said that the only thing they would give him now was "the key to an Italian prison"!!!!

But I always enjoyed his race commentary with Murray Walker.


Murray Walker was always great to listen to. Very knowledgable and well respected in the pits. This gave him access and insight into areas and to people that other commentaters and journalists did not receive. A nice guy too. His autobiography is a great read.
One of my favourite movies, racing or otherwise.

Brilliant characters and in your face racing scenes, loved it. Mary, not a real race fan also liked it very much and now plans on reading the book. Good job Ron Howard!
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