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Apr 23, 2012
Many of the older folks might not know Paul Walker. He was the star of the Fast & Furious franchise.

The first movie in the franchise is still a great watch. A sleeper hit for sure, with another installation coming next summer.

Ironically enough, Paul lost his life while test-driving a Porsche this weekend. Although saddening, those that loved him could find comfort knowing he passed doing something he loved--and something that defined him to the rest of us.

I think I will go watch it again tonight on Netflix!

RIP and Godspeed, Paul.
Yeah, a shame for sure so young and successful.
The report I read said that he was the passenger in the Porsche.

Either way -- sad for sure.

Condolences to his family, friends, and fans.

I heard this news and couldn't believe it. Then I saw the security camera video and clearly he had no chance of survival. It really sucks for sure. I just wonder how fast they must have been going as there is nothing left of that car and it shows me that even very experienced drivers can lose control on the street.

Although sad news, I was partly relieved to hear that it wasn't another suicide/drug overdose that ended his life as there this seems to be the theme for a lot of actors over the past couple years.
Simply put, she comes across as caring about nothing but herself and being quite heartless. I hate those kind of people that have all the energy in the world to demoralize/complain/and spout their opinions about what is wrong with the world but do nothing to change it.

I wonder if she ever saw any movies Paul was in or took any time to actually read up on him outside of probably seeing a few clips and making stupid comments with like minded friends. It shows how just idiotic her and her website is.
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