Jul 25, 2012
Fraser Valley B.C.
2002 Convertible
Anyone that lives near a Princess Auto outlet might be interested to know that this week they have 8,000 lb. Rhino ramps on sale for $29.99. Bought a set yesterday. The reviews I've read is that you can easily get a low profile C6 onto them. ( I am only the messenger, and do not accept any liability issues).
Sale is on till Oct 29th...
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How interesting!

This is the type of thing that makes me so nervous about facing loading the car into the enclosed trailer for the upcoming trip to Edmonton. The trailer has a drop down door for the ramp and I think it looks at a gentle enough angle to drive up, I've got some four by twoshkaks (Ukrainian board measurement) if need be for shimming as required but the thing I fear the most is lining everything up for the trip and finding out the car can't make the slope up or getting it in there and having no end of problems with strapping it down..............all part of the experience I guess. But I am excited to get this endof things done before it gets too muh colder.

I wonder how these cars start at -10. Odd it does not seem to have a block heater.


Block heater

Strange that my manual (though from an Alberta corvette) even says it says it has a bloock heater and electrical cord as standard equipment on Canadian vettes. It is still tucked way down and never been used.
Good luck Velocity with everything,and hope all goes 110% well.
One thing you can do to try make the ramp less steep is to jack up the front of the trailer a bit lowering the rear. I'm not sure whether the trailer needs to be attached to the truck for loading (probably) but I've seen people jack up under the trailer hitch. Even a few inches in height can make a good difference.
Forgot to add that these 8,000 lb. ramps are far too low to crawl under for an oil change etc. Had to raise the car another three inches and put jack stands just in front of the oil pan. Then had to raise the rear end (of course) an additional three inches higher than the front to get all the oil to drain out fully.Next time I will put the ramps on two two by ten or twelves for the proper height needed.( Live and learn.)

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