Jul 15, 2012
Fairview, Alberta
2006 Z06
Good morning my friends,

It is time for me to look into replacing the windshield that has a lengthening crack on the passenger side.

I have been able to find that there is a difference in the windshield depending on if it has or does not have the HUD. So I have two questions that I am hoping some ofyou may be able to shed some light on for me:

1)the Z06 has a thinner and therefore lighter windshield than the other models of C6.

2)while there is a "special" HUD windshield for thusly equipped cars there are threads with people that have had a non-HUD windshield installed and they have reported that they have not found any difficulties in seeing the HUD display. Apparently someone has checked the thicknesses on the two different windshields and has found them to be the same, just that the HUD area has a covering or coating to cut glare in sunlight??

So with this in mind and the quote below, HUD windshield or non-HUD windshield?

Is there any problem/danger in fitting a non-HUD windshield into a HUD Z06 - all Z06's had HUD I believe???



Thank you for using our web quotes. You have requested a quote for your 2006-Chevrolet-Corvette,
I have two options for this vehicles windshield Garry. For installation I will need the vehicle for about 2-3 hours, this windshield will have to be ordered,
Which I can get it over night.

1) Does you Corvette have Heads Up Display if so:
Installed taxes included it would be $1455.52
Part number being a DW01588

2) If It does not have the Heads Up Display:
Installed taxes included it would be $747.30
Part number being a DW01801

"God Bless All Little Boys with Sling-Shsts"
2nd quote - $811 for the non-HUD and $2100 for the HUD...............

Odd how prices vary..............shows the importance of shopping around I think.


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I have heard of reports of people being just fine with a regular windshield, however, others have had problems using the regular windshield with the HUD. The HUD windshield's coating isn't for the sun's glare that I am aware of, it keeps the HUD from reflecting off the second piece of glass therefore keeping the image in focus. As windshields are two pieces of glass with a laminate between them, the HUD reflecting off both pieces of glass makes the image hazy so the proper windshield makes sure it only reflects off the first piece of glass. Those people who never had a problem may not have been wearing their glasses so they are used to a fuzzy display. :D Just kidding. I'm sure you could use a regular windshield, I just think there are chances that the HUD image could be hazy if conditions are not right.
Say what! -- is that the crack from its trip east Garry or did you get another ding? .. and are those real prices????? Good God -- windshields are not a few hundred any more are they.... lol, how naive of me ...:eek::eek:

Are you not making an insurance claim? At most it should be just your deductible and most installers around here absorb that cost.:confused:

If it were me and I were paying, I'd have the installer order in the "non-HUD" window and show me how it looks before the final install.
Might be worth the extra few bucks for shipping twice to make sure the cheaper one is ok.
If that's no feasible, then have an expert explain the diff and ramifications of the non-window with the HUD. The info must be out there......

G/L my friend.....and bummer about the crack.:(

Good evening Colin,

Nope, sorry! That is the souvenir crack from the car's trip east. It moved across the windshield as one would expect so it needs to be attended to before the RCMP stop and ticket me...............

Yes, those are the real prices, sort of a shock isn't it!

I don't have glass insurance and I am not sure if that is different from Ontario but it is a separate item here and a real increase in insurance costs as I recall. At least I'm pretty sure I didn't get glass insurance for the car. I suppose I ought to check with the insurance people tomorrow though to be sure. No point in draining my wallet further if I could avoid it!!

It appears Riley's post above is correct, there is a layer in between the glass layers and as well it it thicker, slightly, at the bottom than the top. on another site the guy who was involved with developing the HUD windshields (also did aircraft ones) explained why it was requrioed that there are two different types but I was more interested in reading abou the non-HUD windshield installed experiences. Some say it is fine, others that there is a noticable reduction in image quality...........


on the COrvette forums many have mentioned the regular windshield is fine for HUD. And if the quality is a little out, IMHO for $1300 it has to be OUT a whole lot. All the best in whatever you chose.......

Good morning Gentlemen,

Excellent posts and comments, my thanks!

Of historical interest, Don Wheaton was actually the dealership on Whyte Avenue that not only as most of the really good used book stores that are the only required stop for me when I am in town but is also about 6 blocks away from the Cross Cancer Clinic so what the dealer that I dragged myself and my then wife to the morning I was leaving the Cross to talk with them about prices as there was some consideration given to getting the car if I made out of the clinic period! But I decided to wait for fives years instead which at least meant it was not part of the "marital estate" for the divorce proceedings!!!!! Now that would have added insult to injury having to "share" part of that car with her!!!!

I'll have to see what DW charges to replace the windshield but I've heard that dealers are much higher than independents. Maybe a windshield/Diamond package might be favorable??


Hi Riley!

Of course the other reason for considering this is that I no longer have a windshield washer fluid tank available for its original purpose!!!!! Friday in the rain/showers and with vehicle spray it was sort of missed............

On the plus side I got to show my son the Alky Control light coming on a couple of times yesterday!! Ye ha!


I think my Corvette may have the Diamond Fusion coating on it, as all the glass beads beautifully. On the highway in the rain, a lot of times I find it better not even using the wipers. If I had to get a new windshield, I would have this done.

Yup, mine flows back on the highway with no wipers with the Diamond Fusion.

It probably won't be a cheap install, HUD shield and DF coating.

Good evening Brian,

Yes, 1st step always is to get information/prices and then to go from there. The DF does look pretty bebeficial though. I'll have to mull this over the next few days. Harvest starts maybe in 10 days so that is going to curb my longer distance travel abilities too.


May be late on this but good info regardless. Just installed HUD windshield in '05. Had prices of 1200-1900.00 from independent shops. Good buddy of mine, salesman at the dealership, hooked me up at local GM dealership. Parts manager said prices have come down but still gave me a deal on top of that.(Thanks to my friend) Paid $687.00 for shield (with HUD) and then found someone to install for 200.00. This shield was a dealer part, came with GM wrap and #'s. Point is, don't forget to give your dealer a try. Create a relation with your parts guy and you may be pleasantly surprised. Chances are you are going to need some parts in the future that only they can supply.
Good luck.
Hi , just got a large crack 10 days ago which came from under a large truck tire going the opposite direction. Although I own an o2 C5 I'm over here cause a windshield thread was already started. My vert has HUD and I will replace it with only a HUD windshield as some owners from other forums have claimed the non HUD type to not be as clearly readable.. Are the numbers on the lower right side the only numbers that have to match with the new windshield or are there possibly other factors or numbers to match? Thank God out here with provincial insurance the glass deductible is only $300.00. Thanks in advance.
Also would a dealer be the best place for an OEM replacement or have the local glass installers the same glass here in Canada?
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