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Jan 24, 2013
2006 Z06
what are the common radiator issues related to the 1985 corvette cars?I was wondering if anyone knows common issues with the 1980 Corvette, I heard they had issues due to the new throttle body injection that year. I'm trying to decide if I want to get the 1985 or the 1980, the 1980 vette the guy says it doesn't have the serpentine belt on and a pull is missing i forget which one but the body and interior seem great and engine doesn't look too bad cosmetic wise.We are also looking for a car maintenance services and service backup for our car in Toronto?
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I won't speak to the 1980 car issues, as I am not that familiar with the c3's.....
But as for the 85; To my knowledge there is no real issues with Radiators. This was the first year of the L98 TPI engine. A great motor by the way. All c4 corvettes run on the warm side. Due to emissions demands, Gm made the cars run hot in an effort to control burnt gases. If only they knew the things back then that they know now. The electric fan does not come on till the car hits about 220 F. Seems very hot, but it is the way they are designed. This of course can be changed, and not at that much of an effort, but that is another story. The biggest problem I find with these cars are that the front air dam likes to pick up all sorts of crap and place in between the rad and front of car. They need to be clean out often.
Up to you which car you buy, but my advise would be to get the newest, best car your money will get you. When looking at any of these older cars, there is a lot to look at. Get some help from someone that knows corvettes. The era of cars you are looking at are very reasonably priced right now. ........ so don't be afraid to look at lots of them...and there is lots out there.
When looking at a C3 pay very close attention to the condition of the frame and birdcage (the metal structure underneath the fiberglass that surrounds the passenger compaartment). Rust in these areas can be very expensive to repair.
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