If you watch at 1:31-1:32, you can see a puff of smoke from the rear. Maybe something blew, leaked oil or coolant or something causing the tires to spin and he lost control of the car.
Those puffs of smoke are normal when the cars "sit", what I think happened is that the tires were cold, if you watch formula 1, it is fundamental that the tires are pre-heated even before the cars go out to the track for warm up.

I think the tires were too cold and plus now formula 1 cars do not have traction control anymore ....tadda ....... 800HP + 2000 lbs Gross Vehicle weight + no traction control + Cold tires = CRASH
LOL, I am just a crazy formula 1 fan that gets up at 4 am to watch the race live....

I used to think I was alone on this, but the F1 Grand Prix of Canada is the biggest sporting event in the country every year...did you know? LOL :driving:
Story should read...

Sheikh Maek Ar Zarek smashes yet another vehicle... LOL Full points to those who figure out the name... not that i'm THAT smart but maybe just hoping that someone ELSE thinks i'm funny LOL
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