Keith Tedford
Apr 30, 2012
2005 C6 1SB
A friend just bought a set of 1969 license plates for his 1969 car. When it comes to registering, he has to send them to Kingston for verification of authenticity, and not a repro. It ends up that he is going to be into a few hundred dollars before all is said and done. Looks like he will be putting them on at a show and take them off when going home. Something to think about when buying old, year correct plates for your car.
With their in car computers and scanners, they know all about you before they ever get out of their cars. Then, if what you say doesn't jive with what they already know, they will get VERY curious. Just like when crossing the border. There are two other guys in our general area with the same name as me. Hopefully these two have clean records. Wouldn't want to have things confused. When I was a kid, the police came a knocking at the door and wanted to talk to me....until Dad explained that I was only 8, in bed, and didn't drive. They had a good chuckle.
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