Aug 20, 2017
Corvette 2014 C7 Z51
I have a 2014 C7 Z51 with a non-factory splitter installed. It has a few chips and blemishes due to the car being so low and I would like to have it repaired and repainted. Any suggestions from my fellow Corevetters from the Windsor area on a good body shop? It should be a relatively inexpensive fix. Interested in selling the car so I want it to look tip top.
There are a few that are really good at doing corvettes. I’ve had a few C2’s and one C5 done by Dino at Metro collision and they did a great job on all of them. Cash speaks louder also. The other is Reiner collision. I’ve seen a few from the Windsor Corvette club members cars that were done there and they looked great. You might want to try them. For touch ups I’d go for Dino since he does a great job at matching colours. Good luck
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