Aug 25, 2011
Kootenays SE British Columbia
1984 Z51
I bought this rear hatch wing off of ebay, its flat black and needs to be painted but I layed it on the vette to see what it would look like and to get comments from Canadian vette owners. I have been posting lots lately because I find this forum friendly and helpful. Please give me your honest opinion of this rear hatch wing, it was made by ecklers in the 90's now out of production but I like it, the wife thinks it makes the vette look like a sunfire. I think I am going to drop it off for paint.

It will be a 1/2 inch lower when properly installed.

Go ahead let it fly with the comments.
I personally think that rear wing makes the transition from the glass hatch to the body awkward. You asked for honest opinion.....hope I didn't offend you....your wife's reference to the sunfire is very accurate!
I'm afraid I'm of the same opinion. I preferred a lip spoiler since I wanted something more subtle.

But you're not here to please everyone.......If you like it put it on. You can always take it off later if you change your mind.

I like it as much as the one Brian made me, it's your car but if I have to say anything I have to say "no".

I've never been much of a fan of spoilers but then, that's just me. Obviously a lot of people do like them and that's fine too. There is a very low rear spoiler by SLP that I can buy for our 2005 and have toyed with the idea. It is subtle. Our car is silver like the one in the picture and would paint the rear face of the spoiler black for an accent. Just a thought.
SLP Full Length C6 Corvette Spoiler -
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Have to agree, it is not my cup of tea. However it is your car and if you like it then that is all that matters.

Do not use the style that Wayne (Ford Prefect) had Brian fabricate for him. Brian as you can see is an excellent fabricator but this style produces way to much downforce. :rofl:
Maybe if the Sunfire didn't exist, as your wife pointed out, it wouldn't make me think of a Sunfire.
My thoughts are that the C4 Corvette is a square body style and the wing being rounded, just doesn't line up with the flow of the car.

If you like it, put er on! But I think most people, Corvette enthusiasts or not, are most likely going to think it's pull off the ol' Pontiac (Whatever a Pontiac is :D).

Takes a brave person to ask for an honest opinion around here! :D
Hope you have broad shoulders.....................YUUUUUUCK!!!! I agree with your wife......the first thought I got was sunfire.............Don't listen to these guys..........don't do it........DO NOT PUT IT ON YOUR Beautiful C4 she will forever feel violated and will most likely take vengenace on you!! LOL. By the way welcome to the forum glad to have you here!
I will get it painted and bolted on properly and take a few pics if you guys still hate it I will put it in my avatar so every time I post you guys will get the willy's.:rofl:

LOL.....Hey good one N84. Look at all the flack the arse end of the C7 took when it came just may be on to something here.........................................................NOT!! Hey all kidding aside it would be great to have you here for our meet.......wing or no wing.
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