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Sep 7, 2023
1973 coupe
Hi friends. I have a question for your collective knowledge. I finally extracted the build sheet for this project car I am spending my free time on. This 50 year old piece of paper is quite fragile, but actually I am amazed it is here at all.
In the sheet, the diff is listed as "GV3 3.08B Carrier"; Does that mean it is or is not posi? Were all 73 vettes posi?
There is no red tag attached to the fill plug. The code stamped into the diff is "AWW144E2"
Build sheet 2023_12_26.png
Here ya go. Found this on the US version of the forum. Google is your friend.

I'm trying to decode the date stamp on the differential in my 73 to get an idea if it's original or not. All I found in old threads was info on the earlier vettes that had an actual date stamped on the pad.
Mine says AW W130 E2. I know AW=3.08, but I can't find anything on the rest. Anyone have the decoder for this?

W is the code for the Warren Michigan Plant
the 130 is a Julian date and indicates the 130th day of the year. E indicates the posi-traction source of Eaton and the 2 is the shift that assembled the unit.
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