Other option would be to set up a rental mail box in the closest U.S. city, I did this last spring in Las Vegas 3 months cost me $40 bought new stereo for vette
ph up credit card company and put new U.S. box as 2 second address on card. Then they think you live in the U.S. use company's that ship free in the U.S. as lots do. Ordered stuff 5 days before I flew down, this mail box place would also forward on your choice of carrier to your canada address as my sub do not show up on time, cost $1 per item + carrier fees I use U.S.P.S. The stereo shops I used would not ship to Canada so this was the way around it savings of over $1800 Alpine amps, Focal speakers and sub, all wiring for install
sounds awesome......
Happy shopping

In your case drive down and have item installed make a long weekend out of it
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