Apr 25, 2013
hi ... .. this is the new kit for C5 same the c6 they sale this in USA it cost 350 to 400 but to ship this cost mush than 300 $ :( itry t o find were they sale this in canada any one see this or have it ?
Ooooooooo California? That's a bit too long of a drive. I was thinking that there would be a dealer closer to Ontario. It appears as though you are stuck if you want that rear diffuser and will have to factor the shipping into the cost. :(
Trust Manny. He'll get you what you want and more often than not will find something better that you haven't seen. Just be careful, once you see Manny or talk to him, you won't want to stop modding your car!:D
Other option would be to set up a rental mail box in the closest U.S. city, I did this last spring in Las Vegas 3 months cost me $40 bought new stereo for vette
ph up credit card company and put new U.S. box as 2 second address on card. Then they think you live in the U.S. use company's that ship free in the U.S. as lots do. Ordered stuff 5 days before I flew down, this mail box place would also forward on your choice of carrier to your canada address as my sub do not show up on time, cost $1 per item + carrier fees I use U.S.P.S. The stereo shops I used would not ship to Canada so this was the way around it savings of over $1800 Alpine amps, Focal speakers and sub, all wiring for install
sounds awesome......
Happy shopping

In your case drive down and have item installed make a long weekend out of it
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