Apr 9, 2010
2003 z06
Is there any way to use this as a low lift jack?

I would never get under one, but maybe the prongs could be made such that you roll it under the car, and somehow raise one end or the other (from the front). Real easy and cheap.

I see them all the time for $150, 5500lb capacity, low (good for lowered vettes) and a 8" lift.

2-1/4 ton pallet jack | Lifting Devices | Repair Equipment | Garage | Princess Auto

got around to thinking, because I saw this post, and I need to buy a low profile jack to jack my new z06 (lowered) up.

I could only find the z06 forum link on how to lift without pucks, where he puts wood underneath.

DIY - Lift your C5 without pucks - Z06Vette.com - Corvette Z06 Forum
That's what I like about this site- we all speak the same language! Princess Auto, we all know where that is...

I would think that while this jack would fit, you wouldn't get a lot of lift out of it... I think those jacks only go about 8-10" max? They are made to just lift a pallet high enough to get it from one place to another. No need for a real high lift.

I have been wondering about the same thing, though, a cheap alternative to get my car off the ground.

I guess it would depend on what you want to do- I did look and max fork height is 73/4", so not high at all. That might not even account for suspension travel if you just wanted to change tires.

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