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Jan 27, 2009
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2001 Z06
Well prior to putting my car on the road i'm getting some stuff done just becuase I'm anal and I want to (I guess)

I'm getting the shift forks upgraded to steel, upgraded blockers and possibly carbon fibre synchros (all depends on what they find). Also putting on ceramic pads with drilled/slotted rotors.

Question regarding the clutch. I'm upgrading to a Ram clutch. The shop figures that given the cost of the flywheel (~$500), it's not worth it replace it right now. They're going to machine it anyhow.

Any thoughts on whether or not to replace the flywheel? Is there truly a performance difference? There's only 34k on the car.


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Well, I am by no means an expert, I can only say what I have done....and it another application...so it may not be helpful at all....hmmm. BUT, what the heck. A few years ago I upgraded to a Centerforce clutch in another car. The old clutch started to spin so the flywheel saw a little heat.:eek: (Boy did that stink). Anyway, when I had everything apart, there were a few very small cracks in the surface and some slight colouring, but it didn't look too bad. So I had it machined and it's been just dandy ever since. To make this long story short, I would assume that if your old flywheel still has sufficient thickness after it's machined that it is still strong enough to hold together and can absorb the heat from the clutch (not creating hot spots), you should be fine. BUT! As I always say, there are people that know way more about this than I do, and hopefully they can set me straight if I am wrong. But that never happens.:D
Update... I just talked to the guys at Pro Stock Performance and they knew exactly what to do... they'd done a bunch before also so thanks for the heads up. They told me that typically they haven't found a need to shim the f-body cars but typically the vettes do require shimming.

The advisor is running 520RWHP on his camaro and said that he's nowhere near pushing the limits of the HD clutch that he's got and that they're installing :)

It's nice to know they know what they're doing!!!

They were also the ones that knew exactly what needs to be done to the 6 spd to make it bullet proof. (shift forks, blockers, etc) He sprayed his 'maro with a 200 shot on top of the 520rwhp and he's done about 40 passes with 3500 rpm clutch dumps with no signs of any issues.
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they've also done 2 sts turbo systems on vettes with only the standard mods to the tranny (~600hp) with no issues at all. In the days of an almost even exchange rate I was quoted $10.5k to install, I think it's around $13 or so now though.
Hahaha, that should work. Whatever you need to say that allows the go ahead by the boss.:) I'm sure if you ask on here, there are guys that can give you a million reasons to make sure the boss say it's ok.
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