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Jan 1, 2015
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I am new to the Corvette world, and will attend the Bowling Green Buyers Tour next week to see my car being built.

I just wanted to offer that if anyone has a question they would like me to ask, I woud be happy to do so and report back. I realize that many here may have already taken this tour, and most know a lot about Corvette's, but wanted to offer anyway.

Here are the details from Shane Webb, the tour organizer at the BG plant:

-tour starts Thursday April 30 at 9am at the trim area. My tour guide is Dave Hastings, who I have heard is excellent. The buyers tour is for two people, and my brother in law is my guest.

-the tour is all day Thursday, then starts again at 6am on Friday May 1st. Shane expects my car to roll off the line mid-morning, at which point the tour is finished.

-have ordered the picture book as well, so a photographer will be following us for the tour. An NCM visit is also included.

Needelss to say I am looking forward to this experience. The build is a Z51 coupe, 2LT, lagune blue/kalahari, black wheels, A8, MRC, navi.

Happy to ask any questions,

Wow, that would be an awesome trip and event Rod. My brother and I have made that trip (2011) and done the regular tour and spend quite a while at the plant and museum but to watch a car being built for you will be very special. Congrats on stepping up for that. You'll really enjoy that for sure.
The guides there are very knowledgeable and patient, answering any number of questions. The group we went with wasn't that big but with 10 people it meant limited time to chat with the guide.

We stayed at the Super8 on Williamette Drive off Corvette drive across from the museum and were very pleased with that too.

Good idea to get the photos since they don't allow cameras in the plant.

The museum is a sight to behold --- not sure if they have repaired it yet after last year's sinkhole incident in the skydome area, but that's a great attraction to take in. The gift shop is another great stop for a myriad of gifts, momentos and clothing.

You're in for a real treat.......

Awesome opportunity, good for you

Please ask how long it takes to manufacture a C7 from start to starting it up and driving it off the line ?

Hi 81Wayne. I asked your question. From initial chassis construction to rolling off the line is 3 days. From trim, where I began the tour, to roll off is about 24 hours.

Here is my full report:

Report:BG Buyers Tour/Photo Album - Corvette Forum


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