Several things, Doug.

First, there is no IMG photo file format. Typically, image files end in .JPG, .JPEG, .TIFF, .BMP, .PNG, .GIF, etc.

The IMG in your file names likely starts at the beginning of the name and is simply part of the naming scheme. It's the part of the name after the . (DOT) that refers to the format.

I just uploaded a .JPG to the Pictures & Albums section and it loaded fine. However, there are limitations, as below.

Pictures Remaining 20
Maximum File Size per Picture 48.8 KB
Maximum Picture Dimensions 600 by 600 Pixels

If your image files do not comply with the above requirements, that may be why you're having trouble.

Using a free online image storage place, like TinyPic - Free Image Hosting, Photo Sharing & Video Hosting, and linking to it is far preferable.
I can load little pictures, that you have to click on to"see" .....
I load photos in my PhotoBucket account, and then "copy" to the little mountain box with yellow color........ Then they are BIG
i can put put pictures i have scanned from photographs into my album. but any from my digital camera i cannot. i think my biggest issue is really my lack of understanding of the terminologies. anything i have learned thus far on the computer has been strictly through trial and error. i really appreciate the help boys ,but with me it's like giving instructions to a big hairy tree stump :D doug.
Doug, when you take a picture with your digital camera, they will be in a jpeg format. When you off load the pictures from camera to your computer, go to where you have them stored, and right click on the picture, then when the box opens click on the properties and you will find all this information.
Posting pictures here is best done by using one of the picture share sites that are available. I use ImageShack. But there are lots of them. They all work the same...just upload picture and then find the link code for forums..... really quite simple. One of the easier ones to use is Image Titan This site you don't have to register to use...but has other limits, as you do not have a file folder there....but works very well.
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