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Mar 5, 2011
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03 50th Aniversary
I have 2 cars I am thinking of.

03 50th aniversary 6 speed . vert with 4500 miles. american car ( dealer)

07 red and black 2lt 6 speed 6000 miles cdn car private.

The difference in price is $5000

I like the 50th because it is in my eyes a special car, having said that the c6 is newer technology.
Tough choice .I'm partial to the 03 ,I worked at Bowling Green on the production line Jan -mid March and I can tell you that 03 was the best quality year of the C5's .

The C6 is smaller but 100 more horses .
The c5 tan top does not seem to mark as much as the c6 top.
They say the c6 top is folded into a smaller space so it marks more.
I found this to be true on my c6 , it always looked dirty .
I tried ragg top and still it could not clean it.
I never put it down dirty or wet.
I like the light dash color on the 03.
I found an auto with 800 miles also.
I will not buy another auto ( i hope)
I will pull the trigger in early August,prices will be lower I hope, best time to buy
Send me a PM and we can arrange for you to take our car for a run while the ladies talk quilting and cross stitching. ;) I've only driven our 2005 and a friend's 2008 with its extra 30 hp and I'm pretty impressed still after 13K miles and a years worth of driving. From what I have read, there were a few worthwhile improvements that went into the C6 along with some quality control improvements. Everyone that I have talked to seem to be happy with their cars be they C5 or C6.
I have to agree with Somebuddy. That would be a tough choice in my book. I would maybe lean towards the C6 buuuut then there are some things I really like about the C5 too!
If you are buying the cars to drive and have fun..........than the c6 is the way to go! The 03' 50th Anniversary will hold it's value and have collectability as time moves forward....the c6 will continue to hemorrhage depreciation. How about one for you and one for the Mrs?
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