"Which means that all corresponding parts beefed up as well ."


This is a very critical statement! Many people don't do it right and end up paying the price. If your going to embark on big horsepower then unlock the vault, because at a certain level; trying do to big HP cheaply, will cost you more in the long run. This is a game/ hobby about dollars at a certain point, there is no escaping it!
Yup if you want some serious HP then you are going to spend some additional coin on
suspension and other parts to get all that power to the ground.
As Manny has done before we increase the HP of my car but added all the other items in
suspension, tires, braces etc to make good use of that power.
I love the guys who just talk about the 1000+ HP cars they can make but there is no way
to actually use the power. There are many guys on these vette forums that talk about
their cars and how they cannot hook up properly, or the car can only be punched when
they are driving in a straight line or else the they will wipe out the car.
It just seems crazy to me, you need a nice balance of HP and mods to actually make good
us of it and that is what Manny has managed to accomplish with my car and many others
on this and other forums.
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