Three or four times now I've written a post consisting of more than one sentence only to discover that when I hit the "Post Response" button I get a message informing me that I am not logged in. I was when I started the post so what gives? It's annoying to have to redo the log-in each time. :mad:
Is there is a timer in play that automatically logs out users after a pre-determined time? If there is then I respectfully suggest that the allowable time be extended to 20 or 30 minutes. :confused:
Hey X-Span! I am going to go ahead and say you're using Internet Explorer as your browser. When you log into a site, it does so using "cookies". If your privacy settings are set too high in Internet Explorer, it can cause problems with the logging in and staying logged in on sites like this.

If you don't want to lower your privacy settings, in Internet Explorer you can go to: Tools>Internet Options>Privacy then click on the "Sites" button. Here you can add to the list and "Allow" it. This should solve any problems with Internet Explorer and logging in.

Let us know how this works for you!
Hey everybody, thanks for the tips and advice.
The problems I encounter are to be expected when someone who is perfectly qualified to live in the Bronze Age (me!) is allowed to use a computer. Think Neanderthal Man meets Cyber-Space! It can be scary! :eek:
I'll try the tweeks you've suggested and if that doesn't help I'll try a ball-pein hammer.:confused:
Thanks for the feedback.:seeya:
i know what you mean but i sacrificed for the sake of my sanity.... couldn't stand it anymore.... I use a Mac every night at home and a PC every day all day at work... I can't believe how much a piece of cr*p windows really is...

13 months without needing a virus scan and counting!!! yaaaaa
Wow! A civil discussion about Mac n' Cheese (I mean Windows). Seriously folks, I am glad to see that there is no bashing (just laughing). I use my Mac in personal and sometime business life but the gig I am in right now has me using a Windows laptop. As an interesting tidbit, one of our senior engineers is running Mac OS/X in native mode (read: no VM) on a Dell Laptop. It is mind-blowing!
People can do amazing things with computers! Mac n' cheese :rofl:. I need both computers as I like a lot of the user features on the mac, but I need the Windows to run programs that are not available for Mac. It's a win-win situation!
First it was the viruses.. then it was the software that was supposed to stop them, spyware, trojans, phishing, system would slow down and require re-booting, blue screen of death, general exception faults, file structure stability... i experienced all these issues and re-built by Windows based pc 3 times in less than a year....

Bought 2 macs.. an imac and a powerbook and haven't spent a minute other than enjoying my machines in almost a full year, no slow downs, no viruses.. no scans, nothing!!!

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