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May 3, 2013
2007 z51
I'm very happy with the Corvette performance this year! Headers, xpipe, halltech beehive and a tune, running with Nitto Invos. (C6 LS2)

Calabogie Motorsports park.
My hud reported 208km/h on Rocky Road (the long straight). That's when I had a chance to look, may have been higher.

Post your times, or speeds, at whatever track! Just for fun, not a competition.
Nice vid Ryan!:coolgleam:I'm bummed that I couldn't make it.:(

Thanks guys it indeed was a great event would love to take this one in again. There was a great turnout of some really awesome cars. Maybe next time we will have a better turnout from our own community here to join in.:canada:
2006 LMB Z06

12.1 @ 121 mph Fontana CA
12.55 @ 118 mph Edmonton AB

both on street tires.

Not ran my ZR1.
2013 Anniversary Z06......Michelin pilot sport cup tires

1/4 mile: 11.93 @121.1 mph
0-60 sec: 3.83 sec
60 ft time........1.95 sec (brutal)

Nothin' but smiles......need to tighten up my launch.....
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