Apr 25, 2009
tri city
2006 C6
i have been doing some reading, and i ask myself, is it worth porting on these cars?
looking at doing the intake on mine, as i could probably do that job myself, not sure if i want to though. maybe if it was worth it in the long run, i would consider it. or any other porting job. maybe some porting in the heads??? or is it best to replce them as the mods increase???/
anyone know of a good shop around that does good porting work?? i should price this out as i really don't have the room to do this, or the know how, but willing to learn.
for 400 bucks you can have your heads CNC ported, cheaper than doing it yourself ( unless you're unemployed and got tons of time ), i know im doing my LS6 heads when i start building my engine. ive ported heads before myself, and its time consuming, wont do it again.

- Kons
talk to Manny at ECP, he deals with those people. you're spending 400 bucks for about 20 horse, so, its not a bad deal.

- Kons
where and who/shop would preform this for me? sounds pretty good, i know i heard its time consuming.

The Tb & intake porting will not net any real Hp gains , but will improve throttle response . Porting the heads will get you some gains, but I would rather suggest doing a cam and tune vs porting the heads . Cost for cost the cam and tune will get you where you want to be.

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What about the FAST 92mm intakes? as compared to stock 78mm LS6 intake... I read somwhere it doesn't make a difference untill you do a set of heads is when the FAST comes into effect?

That is correct. You will get some gains from a FAST 92mm but will really see the effect's after a cam or cam and heads.

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AlbertaZ06 I know that on the small cube motor's there are no real hp gain's on porting the fast 92,but have had gain's on the larger cube motor's with porting.Feel free to pm me for any info on this.Thanks Sic69:canada:
"I had mine done last year. Was not expecting mor RWHP but certainly did get faster throttle response. "

i don't think its worth the money to port the intake, throttle resonse can be gained by programming????
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