Great concepts, Al .. but I got sidetracked on 2 wheels there for a short time.......not compalining -- I hadn't seen 2 wheels so well adorned b4....and a very pleasant sidetrack I must say.:D

I've seen the Banshee b4 when Stacey David took the name and applied it to his concept: Miata + V8 power.

Gm's version was very aggressive (with touches of the firebird as Riley says) but probably looked too much like the Shark that followed.

The Vauxhall that was shown was way out there as Brian says -- and a far cry from what I remember of Vauxhalls (up to about 1960).:D

Not surprised that didn't go any further but quite a concept none the less.

Thanks for sharing, Al -- and thanks again for the great 'sidetrack' on 2-wheels....... :D

had to scroll down a ways but found the best picture, a very nice Banshee seat cover:
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