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Aug 5, 2011
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Looks like my 9 year old Cocker Spaniel, Sid, has some serious bowel issues and won't be around much longer, pending a trip to Oakville for an ultrasound and a few remaining blood tests.

He's a real friend and has been such a good kid for the 9 years I've had him and will miss him dearly.

As I said, not 100% sure yet but I isn't looking very hopeful -- so please join with me and say a little prayer for my buddy Sid.

We are so close to our pets and it's so hard to lose them.

Wish it were happier news ----- :(

Here's a few of Sid and of our loveable 6 y/o Golden: Phoenix.

Thanks everyone -- The thoughts and kinds words are much appreciated.

Tomorrow is the big day ... The UltraSound will define exactly what's going on and what we can do. Please keep praying for a miracle.

Will keep you all updated -- and I'll give Sid a cuddle from you all.

Cheers, guys -- Almost time to leave for Oakville.

Strangely his bowels overnight and this morning haven't been this 'normal' for over a month.

Keep praying for that miracle.......and thanks Riley , give your pooch an extra hug for us.

I'll get back to your guys this afternoon with hopefully good news.:D

Our prayers have been somewhat answered. Won't know for sure until early next week.

Thanks so much guys -- It's so nice having so many animal lovers here in our midst. They know exactly what's going on and how much these little (and big) guys affect our lives and mean to us.

Sid was at Oakville's Veterinary Emergency Clinic yesterday for Analysis and Ultrasound and then had much more: The specialist wanted a biopsy of his upper and lower Gastro Intest. so meant basically an operation -- We'll get the results Monday but it's looking like we can control either the cancer or the severely inflamed bowel with meds and diet.

We're hoping for a decent report Monday and go from there.

Thanks for the continued prayers and well-wishes...
I'll post up with confirmed results and prognosis early next week.

So we're somewhat relieved today, tho a little lighter in the pocketbook of course, but this 'relief' feels so good. :D

Colin and Sid.:D
And don't forget a belly scratch too! I'll say a prayer for you Colin. Pets are awesome gifts. I'll pet my dog extra tonight for Sid.


Also a scratch behind the ears if Sid's anything like my Westie--Zoe.

Good luck Colin! My thoughts are with Sid:rolleyes:

It's kind of odd, but sometimes I like my pet more than I like people, so I know what you're going through.

Animals have personalities just like people and Dogs like Sid is unique unto himself .My dog and I are pulling for the little fella .

Presently I have a Mastiff which is also know as Velcro dogs .I've had many dogs but this is the best .

Keep us all posted -please
Animals have personalities just like people and Dogs like Sid is unique unto himself .My dog and I are pulling for the little fella .

Presently I have a Mastiff which is also know as Velcro dogs .I've had many dogs but this is the best .

Keep us all posted -please

Hey Elf, Sid has been doing better since the UltraSound and biopsy procedure on Thursday. At that time he was sent home with 4 different meds and a strict diet until we get answers on the biopsy early next week.

It now sounds like whatever he has, whether a leukemia or a form of bowel infection, is treatable with chemo, or meds and diet.

We're not out of the woods yet -- but it's looking more favourable today than it did last week.

Keep the prayers coming tho......The thoughts of any form of cancer scares me.

Cheers, and stay tuned.

Wow, Komodo and Monster are major league pooches --much bigger than our American Cocker: Sid, or our Shep/BullDog: Jacob or even our Golden: Phoenix.

They are Great Danes aren't they...... Beautiful animals and I can tell that they're well loved and looked after.

As we all know, no matter what the size, the love and devotion (both ways) is just the same and they're all so sweet and a real blessing.

LOL Riley, do Komodo and Monster get on the bed, or do you restrict them?
Ours do along with sometimes 5 cats! and sometimes, even in our king bed, it's hard to find somewhere to nestle in for the night.

I've shown Sid, and our other guys, your Komodo and Monster and of course they'd love to meet them and play 'retrieve' and 'dodge and chase' in the yard.
They said too that they'd love to share their toys with them ........ :D

Let's see more pets from our members.....It's such a great subject and touches the heart of all animal lovers -- of which I'm sure that there are many amongst us.


Colin, Sid, Jacob, Phoenix, Tia, Nico, Annie, Moxy and Tiger Lily.

lol just realized I forgot Margaret........It's so crowded around here it's easy to lose track of someone....:D
Colin. LOST TRACK!!! Guess who's going to be in the DOG HOUSE!!!!!!

No worries, Rob --- The important thing is Sid is in good hands and going to get the treatment he needs to hopefully go on for a while longer yet.

I'll let all you know what the lab reports divulge......

Your kind thoughts and prayers are working and much appreciated.

I have a picture of them somewhere on the bed and there is no room at all for anything else.:eek: I could squeeze on a queen size with them but recently moved down to a double which makes it impossible. The funny thing is the first few nights monster fell out of bed which was quite hilarious. If he lays down beside me his head will be up by my head and his butt will be down by my knees. I've lost the grandeur of his size (I got him as a rescue at 2 and a half) which is too bad so now he's just my little boy.
Anyway, as you say, the size doesn't matter, their all the same inside. Animals are such a blessing to have around. Prayers are continued for Sid and I'm sure Monster and Komodo would love to visit if they could.
My good buddy Sid is going to make it by all accounts. The vets and specialists have diagnosed him with severe bowel inflamation that is treatable with a few meds and a special diet to calm and heal the bowel.

I'm so relieved from this result. I couldn't have turned out any better......:D

I gave him a haircut yesterday and noted that he's lost some weight. Got the scales out and found him down from his normal 29 pounds to about 21!!!

Poor guy had been losing so much protein to this prolonged bowel upset he's lost about 25% of his body mass.
Luckily he's strong and otherwise healthy so we can build him up again with his new gastro-friendly food.

Thanks for all your prayers and well wishes. I feel stronger knowing I have such good friends and great animal lovers here at Canadian Corvette Forums and thank you so much for your support.
Here's Sid today. He's pretty good under the circumstances; A little emaciated but nothing a little pigging out on his new diet won't fix.

Colin & Sid.

Awesome news Colin! Glad to hear Sid will be up to his old self in no time!...Now if I could just loose 25% of my body mass....:D

LOL, and me both.....:rofl:

Thanks Riley --
A crisis like this really drives home the fact that these guys are so important to us and so precious.

Sid and I wish all the pets out there good health.:D

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