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Jul 23, 2012
Swift Current, Sk
1997 Coupe
I know, I know... I shoulda done this a long time ago...

But in September I'll be on my way to Breslau to leave my pain in the a$$ with the boys that know what they're doing!
Well it at least needs a fuel system upgrade, 8 rib pulley upgrade and a proper tune.. work out the o2 sensor codes..

After that is sorted out we'll see where we're at but... maybe mini tub, coilovers, heat shield, vented hood, aero stuff, brake fans, dual core rad with oil cooler
I think the sensor codes are as simple as tuning them out--run 2 02 sensors rather than 4. The new behind the cats always seem to go...........could be because the cats are shot too. Lots of sulphur in today's gasoline.
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