Jun 23, 2020
58, 2003

Got to judge Interior section on this 63 Survivor car this weekend. Amazing original condition from Northern California. Note absence of paint on hood from wear and heat exposure. Chassis was coated many years ago with a protective coating that was recently power washed off exposing gorgeous raw white floors. New Coker correct 6x70x15 1” whitewalls recently added. This presenter also has another silver/red SWC nearing complete full restoration. He jokingly said it’s worth 2 - C-8’s when I asked him if it’s for sale. NOT YET 😊👌
Couldn’t resist. I know you guys like pics. This is the other car was assigned. 2nd owner since 77 and his mom paid for it with cheque on display board. He was 16 and paid her back in SUMMER JOB cash. Started restoration in just after 911 as therapy. He was a 1st responder at the Pa. Crash site near his home. Got lots of help/advice from his neighbor John DeGregory that made this car turnout wonderful.after 15 yrs restoration. With this kind of passion you have to be extremely tackfull when making point deductions. Easier when you’ve been on both sides of the fence.


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