Feb 1, 2013
Cambridge Ont
2009 Silver Coupe

Finally got to post pictures of the new addition. It is an 09 and was owned by a retired GM employee who brought it up from Florida. Seeing as I am a current GM employee and it is our silver anniversary this year I had to buy it. My wife scoffed whe I told her that there was a "How your Corvette found you" thread but now she is a believer! A great big thank you to her for actively encouraging the purchase of this car. She loves being driven around in it and I love itmore every time I drive it.

No mods on the interior. It has Nav,HUD, memory seats, NPP, heated seats (wifes favourite), bluetooth etc. I have always liked the look of red calipers and when I went to look at the car they were already painted. The then owner had done it. Along with all the other plus points with the car it was a match made in heaven. No plans for any mods (yet)., I like the car as she is. Got no money now anyway! (kids still want to go to university apparently).
No plans for any mods (yet)., I like the car as she is.

I've heard these words uttered from many-a-person before...........

I'll be the first to admit it, but once I learned about how many cool mods were available for these cars, Itook the plunge. Now, I've done a whole bunch of things, and don't think I'm done yet.........

Either way, your car looks great!
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