Would love to go there again, tho in all the times I've been in the 'hood, I've not eaten at Blumin Garden.
Lived not far from there in the Ottawa Valley and often went down to that area for fishing, picnicing, and vacationing .

Great area and would be even better in the 'vette.
Maybe we can get a cruise going in the spring with Duff, Valley Vette, James who are in the general area with a bunch from further west.


Sounds like a plan to me - the driving in the county is Fab - food is great and if you want to head out to Sandbanks for a boat ride - I can hook you up for that too !

Doing brakes on my beast next week - CTC has a sale on pads for Munroe. With weather we are getting next week - I want to be ready - spring is almost here !

Ya Man -- summer type weather next week! Upwards of 20 in the forecast and may go higher....... Love the sound of that -- Not at all bad for the last week and a half of winter.

That trip is sounding good. Cruisin', Eatin', Boatin', -- I love summer. :D

Hoping others can fit it into their schedule too.
It's on my calender -- Will take some scheduling tho since wifey works every second w/end.

Stay in touch.
I was part of a group of teachers who get together every 3 years since they taught in West Germany, in the county 2 years ago, We planned a car rally route with site thru the county questions on it .
I still have a copy.
I have room on my property to park 15 or more Vettes to meet and start there went to a winery for lunch, and like the rally , end up at Lake on the mountain then the Blumin for dinner.
We had 65 people show up and Andy cooked a German type meal.
It was a good day
95 people did the rally in total.
My wife and I did a day trip to Picton with the car a couple of years ago. Beautiful area but I regretted not staying overnight. You are right tqracr, lots to do and see along with great eats. Some beautiful roads to get around on.
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