I was struggling with Photobucket a few days ago too.
Here's the procedure that finally worked for me:
The lower right corner of each picture in a Photobucket album contains a rectangle with a light-gray border.
Within this rectangle is a bracketed IMG number plus a bunch of other computer mumbo-jumbo that means nothing to me.
Pass the cursor over the rectangle and left-click the mouse so that evrything in the box is blue. Then right-click the mouse and inthe menu than pops up left-click copy.
Return to your post on CCF,right-click the mouse to bring up the menu again and left-click paste. That should do it. I've been following these steps as i wrote this post and the result is:

Hope this helps. I'm not a Computer Engineer but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express one night.
Good to see it worked! :coolgleam:
BTW, that's a very clean looking Camaro! My first assumption ,based on its appearance, is that it doesn't get road-time in the winter. But the steel wheels and tire tread pattern suggest otherwise. So what's the story?
"Enquiring minds want to know!"
Just a little hint. If you put the characters th_ in front of the filename, photobucket automatically thumbnails your image like this. And then with a little magic, you can link it to the full size image. Just click on my thumbnail to see.

That's a sweet looking C6. But not as sweet as my C5. :D

The steel wheels and tires are a result of a vibration from the original wheels and tires. To find a vibration, I had the original wheels trued as they were slightly out of alignment. Then I had the drive shaft balanced and when it was up on the lift, the guys started the car and let the back tires spin for me to have a look. Even though they were "balanced", they were severely out of round. I liked the look of the original tires and wheels so I decided to do steel wheels and new Cooper Cobras as that is what we used out at the oval track, and keep the originals for shows.

The car had 126,000km when I sold it. It was an original 350 4-speed car except for the paint. I sold it because with a 66 Chevelle and incoming Vette, I would never drive it and figured someone else might as well enjoy it. PS, you are right, it never saw snow as long as I had it.

Note, the th_ didn't work for me??

Anyone who wants to test photobucket, post here!
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