Apr 30, 2012
2005 C6 1SB
GM’s Unique Performance Build Center Moving to Kentucky - ChevyHardcore

I'm wondering if the next logical move might be to build the Camaro and Corvette under the same roof to consolidate their performance car build as well and set them apart as the performance division of GM. With flex manufacturing in Oshawa, they already build completely different vehicles on the same assembly line. With fewer than 12,000 Corvettes a year being built, I'm sure that extra production could be handled there. At its peek, the Oshawa truck plant could build that many trucks in about 9 days, three shifts five days a week. Time will tell, but if you don't constantly improve and get more efficient, you just get trampled in the dust.
It would certainly make sense to do this. The company I work for has swallowed most of the competition in Canada in an effort to stay alive. This has meant some plant closures and equipment moves. The location where I work has been on the lucky end of receiving some of that equipment and actually expanding.
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