That's considerably more than sale prices in the past. I'd be curious to know the actual cost of the additive package in these high priced jugs of synthetic oil. Deep down I have the feeling that we are getting royally hosed.
A big jug of Penzoil Platinum is on sale right now for $32.00 (as opposed to about $45.00 regular). Got two last night and they had lots left. Sale started on Jan.17 2014.....

Does it matter which brand of oil to use ? I went with mobil synthetic, which i bought on sale at CT, just wandering if there is much difference and what everyone else uses.
My only guideline is to pick a name brand that is on sale. List price is just a fictitious number put out there to give people that warm fuzzy feeling that they actually saved money. This stuff is always going on sale. Sale prices seem to be up about 30% from November 2013. Read my first post.
Keith, the price of oil Oct. 2013 was $91.23 /barrel. As you say the price of oil today is near the same level. So why the nearly 40% increase in retail price in CT. There ain't no law for price fixing cause the Gov't benefits.
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