That's nearly a 9% difference in wear protection. I have a good stock of Mobile 1 but whenever it runs out, I plan on switching to Pennzoil. I do believe that Mobile 1 is good enough, it just happens that there is an oil that is better!
Agreed and I'm glad that we're starting to see competition in this market both quality and price
Been using Penzoil Platinum in my vettes since '06 and my Durango since '05. Great synthetic. Would like to try the Ultra but haven't seen it anywhere up here.
As long as Mobil 1 sponsors the #14, I will be using it. I use Shell T6 Rotella in the Ducati, because Shell is THE oil for Italian exotics. Yamalube in the dirtbike. The Focus gets whatever is on sale.
Looks like Pennzoil Ultra might be a little harder to come by. Platinum is a lot more common on the store shelves as is Mobil 1. A year or two ago I read about additives upsetting the balance in the package of oil additives and actually causing the oil to give less protection. Quite a few of the oils tested here did exactly that when Oil Extreme was added. Some improved a lot while others went down hill. Lots of interesting stuff to take in. Some big names certainly didn't do too well in the comparison test.
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I am a mechanic and I keep myself up to date by following about 15 different training a year to reach that goal. Last year I followed a 2 evenings training about lubricant and coolant. It turn out to be 1.5 hrs on coolants and about 5.5 hrs on engine oil, no transmission fluid, no p/s fluids or gear lube, just engine oil and to be honest, we would need twice this time at least to understand this subject better. This guy wrote the best info, about engine oil and lubrication, that I have ever found in these trainings or other publications. WOW:agree:

By the way, since my car was new, I always used pennzoil Ultra in this car, He just made my day
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