Dec 21, 2010
Orleans, Ontario
2010 GS coupe
I installed the newly revised PAL V2 (GM based Personal Audio Link) hardware in my 2010 Nav radio. This latest V2 version of hardware, software and cabling was easy to install with a supplied premium connector interface cable directly into the XM harness and receiver. No splicing at all. About 1-2 hour owner install only. The iPod based touch-screen interface intuitive and accessible on XM2 and works well. Steering wheel controls work great as does HUD song selection display. MP3 Aux RCA cable also performs well. Pleased to report that several months of limited use have provided good performance and excellent sound quality. Supplied 8' cable charges iPod, in my case a 6th gen nano. So, I'm comfortable with recommending this as a radio upgrade which should have been in all pre-2010 systems. Think 2011 at least have the USB now, so only for about 2005 and newer I believe.
I installed the same one back in early Spring ...It works great. I really like it. Hooked it up to my iphone4..
No more burning CD`s :D

Bought it from Ray Kawal---He is the guru when it comes to the PAL....Great guy, excellent customer service
I just bought the Pal V2 harness and installed it. It's awesome, good sound, only took 10 mins to install in my vert behind the Waterfall--3 Screws.Probally a little expensive ($200.00) but I now I don't have to cart Cd's around. I'm in the process of loading up my Cd libriary of aprox 800 into my I-touch. It's a beautiful thing, thanks for the info. Cheers
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