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Aug 5, 2011
Cambridge ON
2006 vert, 1994 vert
Awesome visits to both their plant and their Museum of Radio which just happens to be the biggest in Canada! Radio buffs it's a must see. Link attached.

Rob arranged our visit to the plant he worked at for many years and was very proud to help show us around along with Plant engineer Jeff Perry who also happens to be a 'vette lover and car buff. -- see pics of Rob, Terry and Jeff.

Even had a nice chat with owner Bill Hammond who took some time out of his busy schedule to see us and show us around. Very cool and very interesting and much thanks to Rob (Steamer) for arranging this. Our man Rob has quite a rep and is very well know in these parts and was helpful in the museum's young years in gathering the many pieces in the museum. Have a look at the link to see the extensive list of radio'll be amazed at what's in there and the history involved.

Here's a link to the museum and bear in mind that Rob helped accumulate a lot of what's in there from all over...KUdos Rob.

Only took 2 pics due to restrictions -- quite understandable -- of the our 'vettes next to Rob, Terry and Jeff . the manufacturing engineer.

Museum link: Hammond Museum of Radio Home Page

Hammond Power Solutions inc. Link:



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