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Aug 30, 2014
Well here's one that got a good laugh from me today.

A fellow by the name of Ken Pretty, saw this iceberg floating in Conception Bay, Newfoundland in late April. He flew his drone closer to get a better picture and then realized it looked like a giant erect phallus. It has made news and social media worldwide and has been named Dickie Berg. Interestingly enough, Ken Pretty, who took the picture, is from Dildo NL. Only in Newfoundland you say.

Google it. This is not a joke.

With Global Warming what is the Governments plan for shrinkage? ;)
Bill C-12 Inch. The Act to Reduce the Harmful Climate Change Effects of the Penis. The federal government will mandate the maximum size of all identified penises to be no larger than 12" in length by 1.5 inches in girth, or be subject to both carbon and federal luxury tax. Studies have shown and federal data has indicated that male genitalia exceeding the above specifications is directly correlated to long term global temperature increases and rising ocean levels. The Alberta Sovereignty Act luckily will protect Albertans from this Federal intrusion into Provincial jurisdiction.
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